Due to a change at Gmail versions 1.3 and earlier of Gmail Notifier may not work, therefore, version 1.4 has now been released and resolves this issue. The GUI is also much more responsive than it used to be. Gmail Notifier is currently looking for testers. Email me using the link at the bottom of this page if you can help.

Gmail Notifier 1.3 was just released, it fixes a minor issue that caused the notifier to search for its config files inthe wrong order. A new feature that was suggested by Matt Labrum has also been added that changes the tray icon color to blue when there are one or more new messages, otherwise the icon will stay red.

A Debian package has now been released, a Windows exe and MAC OS X specific version will be along soon.

Major bugfixes in the latest release, the overall usability has been greatly improved and the error handling is far superior, if you are currently using 1.1 or earlier you should upgrade. Latest version is now 1.2. A Debian package will be released very soon.

Thanks to several emails from people who were having problems with Gmail Notifier, specifically a AttributeError: GmailThread instance has no attribute 'info' error, I have now fixed this issue by including a different version of libgmail, see the README for furthur details. The latest version is now 1.1.

Gmail Notifier 1.0 was recently released, please report any bugs found as Gmail Notifier is in a relatively early stage of development/testing, you can report bugs on the Sourceforge project page