Thanks very much for offering your help to test Gmail Notifier. The
best thing you can do to help test Gmail Notifier is download a copy,
install it, configure it and use it on a day to day basis. There are
already a lot of people using it, but not many reporting
bugs/requesting features.

You can either post bugs you find to the Sourceforge project page or
email me your findings directly. You will be given public credit for
helping squash significant bugs. Sometimes Google makes changes to the
way Gmail works that break the Notifier (like happened today), its
good if you can email me the moment you believe this has happened with

If you have more than one machine at your disposal, then it would be
great if you could try it on different machines.  Most importantly, I
need to know what configurations have worked OK with the Notifier like
what GTK versions, Linux distros, Window managers etc. you have been
able to make the Notifier work with. It's important I know of any
issues with particular distros that would stop people using it.
Screenshots of it running on different distros/window manager
configurations will also be great for the screenshots page.

I am planning a Windows release in the near future, so if you have a
windows box I would appreciate help testing the Windows version. It
would also be great if you could suggest new features that you think
Gmail Notifier would benefit from.

I have opened an IRC channel on #gmail-notifier and
if you use IRC then you can join that and easily discuss issues with
me. The channel is definitely in its infancy and its quite possible
you will find no one there. Whenever i'm online I will be on it and I
will announce the channel on the Gmail Notifier home page soon.

Your help is much appreciated and useful contributions will be given
full credit.


John Winter